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What will cover In Ecstatic Dance DJ Training In Bali:

What will cover In Ecstatic Dance DJ Training In Bali:

  • His/her/our story of music
  • The DJ as a storyteller
  • Music theory: structure of a song, Camelot wheel, time signature
  • Mixing different types of music genres into one whole
  • Affect and Effect of different music styles on the dancing body
  • Deep listening and sensing the atmosphere of the whole
  • The skill of improvising and organizing your music (plus where to find music)
  • Beat mixing, essential mixing and another form of transitions
  • Well-being of a DJ: holding space for yourself first, working with feedback


Cost For Ecstatic Dance DJ Training In Bali

​We wish to create a private dancing and learning community during this residential Training. We, therefore, have places for 25 participants.

This Training is for a music lover who dreams of the opportunity to DJ, creating your style of the Ecstatic Dance journey.

If you are obsessed with music and dream of becoming a DJ but need clarification on needing help knowing where to begin this learning?

Are you looking for a space where you can learn skills and engage in a fun, supportive environment among peers?

Do you want to come to Dance with us?

Immerse yourself among conscious dance leaders and dancers to share music, discuss facilitation ideas, learn new DJ skills, participate in live music jams and, of course, DANCE!

  • There will be step-by-step learning of Software ( Traktor Pro 3 DJ).
  • ​Learn how to promote yourself effectively and get Conscious Dance events and classes for the same.
  • Make new friends
  • Nourish your body with wholesome meals, delicious yoga and meditation.


How can I learn ecstatic Dance?

  • Guide for Starting an Ecstatic Dance.
  • Develop your Vision.
  • Make sure you understand why you are starting this and what
  • Get to know Dance History and Modern Electronic Music.
  • Research the history of Dance in modern and ancient times for your own.
  • Get to Know Your Community.
  • Attend all types of Conscious Dances in your Area.

What is the purpose of ecstatic Dance?

It is a free-flowing dance to achieve ecstasy. It is a natural process in which your awareness shifts, and you experience a profoundly meditative and happy state of mind through free-flowing body movements.