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What are 12 Important Factor & Current Market Trends what each Singing Bowls sound Healer Must Know?

What are 12 Important Factor & Current Market Trends what each Singing Bowls sound Healer Must Know?


1. In last five years Yoga and meditation centers, health and wellness retreat centers, and recreational spas in Europe, USA, India and Thailand, are incorporating Sound Healing as the key product into their spa menus.

2. Sound Vibrational Healing meditations or sound Wellness is slowly emerging as the latest mainstream trend in recent years. Singing Bowls are playing a significant role as one of the profound modalities for healing. For instance, many traditional healthcare institutes, dentistry, traditional schools, elderly care centres, cancer care institutes, fitness retreats, and corporate wellness programs use Singing Bowls.

3. The increasing interest for Sound Healing comes from the rising consumer in-terest and awareness of alternative medicine and wellness programs. Sound Healing incorporates a target market of a broader range. Even more than yo-ga, as literally anyone from any age Group and physical ability can partici-pate.

4. Many scientific studies have been released in the recent years, confirming Singing Bowls and tuning forks as a useful tool and alternative wellness technique that contributes to an increased overall well-being, reduces stress and helps to calm the mind.

5. Recently, Sound Bath Sessions with Singing Bowls and tuning forks have be-come more popular for relaxation and de-stressing. More and more yoga and meditation teachers, healer and medical therapists start to integrate Singing Bowls into their classes, workshops and retreats. They aim to diversify their healing offers, scale and grow their businesses and broaden their target mar-ket.

6. Nowadays, Tibetan Singing Bowls are commonly used during Sessions at RYS 200-hour yoga teacher trainings and 100-hour meditation teacher trainings around the world. This can open up a wide range of opportunities for sound healers to connect and approach yoga meditation schools or yoga wellness studios to collaborate and provided Sessions and workshops to their stu-dents.

7. Many yoga and meditation schools and studios around the world have start-ed offering special Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing workshops as a part of their curriculum.

8. Sound Healing trainings with Tibetan Singing Bowls have the most signifi-cant demand. There is a rise of jobs in Yoga and meditation studios and well-ness spas, especially for the Singing Bowls sound healers.

9. There is an increasing demand for Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing work-shops, which can be either full-day or half-day weekend workshops. It’s highly suggested that each sound healer must prepare their own full-day or half-day weekend workshops and approach Yoga and meditation studios & wellness spas in their city. In this book, we cover many points which will help you to understand and create your workshops.

10. Many Yoga and Meditation studios around the world combine Yin Yo-ga, Vinyasa Yoga with Tibetan Singing Bowls workshops.

11. Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing Therapy Sessions are also used for individual one-on-one Sessions for deep relaxation and energy balancing. Ideally, one Sound Healing Session takes 60 to 120 minutes.

12. Singing Bowl Sessions on festivals: Sound Healing Singing Bowl work-shops with the ground sitting is the best way to use Sound Healing while working with small or big Groups. This can be in Yoga studios or even on open-air events and festivals.


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