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Why Is Sound Healing So Special? Find Out Reasons Why Yoga & Meditation Teachers, Alternative Healers, and Music Therapists Should Combine Sound Healing Into Your Workshops

Why Is Sound Healing So Special? Find Out Reasons Why Yoga & Meditation Teachers, Alternative Healers, and Music Therapists Should Combine Sound Healing Into Your Workshops

  1. The reason sound has these healing powers is because we and the world around us are sound. We are continuously resonating, pulsating, vibrating with our surroundings.
  2. Sounds travel with ease through the water as water is a great conductor of sound and we are made with more than 70 per cent water. Us “resonating” with our surroundings is not just a figure of speech. This has been scientifically proven. There is no magic. It is who we are, and this is how we operate.
  3. With a sound healing technique, the relaxation response of a person is triggered very quickly. This is why this modality offers the opportunity of going very deep, very fast and providing an opportunity to clarify issues on deeper levels, such as physical, mental, and emotional.
  4. The only thing sound healing demands from the client is to get really clear about their intention. After that begins the natural processes of vibration, entrainment, and resonant frequency which allow stuck energies and traumas to release and gives the space to the body to reorganize itself accordingly.
  5. Many sound healers have suggested that certain forms of sound therapy enable damaged human DNA to repair itself. There are some tones that promote vitality and healing and enhance happiness.
  6. Other sound therapy forms include Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, chanting and percussion therapy. Music therapy is one of the most mainstream forms of sound therapy.
  7. Music has been proven to relieve a number of problems, including depression, pain and loneliness. Music therapy is being frequently offered in places such as hospitals, clinics, and Health Wellness Spas.
  8. Tibetan Sound Bowl Therapy Healing Workshops & One-to-One Sound healing Treatment is growing rapidly in Asia, Europe, and the UK and in the USA.
  9. Tibetan Sound Bowl Therapy Healing is growing rapidly in Asia, Europe, and the UK and in the USA. There is an increasing demand from Sound Healers in the world and a lack of certified Sound Healing Therapists.
  10. The increasing interest for Sound Healers comes from the rising consumer interest and awareness of alternative medicine and wellness programs.
  11. Sound Healing incorporates a wider range of a target market, even more so than yoga, as virtually anyone from any age and physical ability can participate. 
  12. In recent years, many scientific studies have been released that confirm singing bowls as an effective tool, and alternative wellness technique that contributes to increased overall well-being reduced stress and helps to calm the mind.

Recently, sound bath sessions have become popular for relaxation and de-stressing with more yoga and/or meditation teachers, healers & medical therapist’s starting to combine singing bowls into their classes, workshops and retreats to diversify their healing offerings, grow and scale their businesses and broaden their target market.

Find Out Reasons Why Yoga & Meditation Teachers, Alternative Healers, and Music Therapist Should Combine Sound Healing Into Your Workshops

It’s true that sound therapy has been a part of many older cultures for thousands of years now, but the Tibetan singing bowls sound baths & mantra Kirtan sound healing have been rising in popularity in the western world for the last five years or so, and they continue to garner attention.

A wellness revolution is on the rise in America. Sound healing brings peace to patients in hospitals and other medical centres. Sound is being increasingly used as a healing tool throughout medical research centres and hospitals in the UK, USA and many other European countries.

In the last five years or so, around the world, the primary Yoga teacher training or yoga retreat destination tourism is on the rise. And along with that, there’s also a growing trend of sound healing, sound healing meditation, Nada Yoga meditation, Eastern singing circles (Kirtans), Tibetan singing bowls, Sound bath with singing bowls & gong, etc.

Take a look at the colourful, rainbow tourist destinations like Bali, Thailand and Costa Rica, where many therapists are introducing techniques like Cacao ceremony, ecstatic dance with incorporate either Singing circles, mantra chanting or Tibetan singing bowls into their workshops.

Thousands of yoga teachers graduate from various yoga schools around the world, but most of them are struggling to find a job where they can make a living while travelling the world and enjoy a life of freedom.

These alternative training courses such as an average Tibetan singing bowl sound healing training can cost you around 700 Euros. As a master, with an average group of the sound healing session, you can charge around 20 to $30 per person.

The average size of such groups can be around 10-20 people, depending on your presence, skills and marketing strategy. Thus it is highly suggested that along with yoga practices, one should consider combining sound healing therapy sessions into their workshops and sessions, which might include Tibetan singing bowls, Mantra sound healing, Kirtans and sound baths.


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