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Plain Handmade Seven Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowls Set for Yoga and Meditation

Buy Seven Chakra Himalayan Tibetan Singing Bowls Set Online in India -Comprehensive Guide to Seven Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowls for Meditation.

Buy plain handmade seven chakra Himalayan Tibetan singing bowls set online in India. Discover the benefits and uses of these bowls for yoga and meditation.

This guide provides comprehensive information on purchasing the Plain Handmade Seven Chakra Himalayan Tibetan Singing Bowls Set online in India. It highlights the benefits of using these bowls for yoga, meditation, and sound healing practices. The guide covers the unique features of the seven chakra bowls, their applications in enhancing wellness, and where to buy them. Whether you are a yoga practitioner, meditation enthusiast, or sound healer, this guide offers valuable insights into the use of seven chakra Tibetan singing bowls.

8 Plain Singing bowls Set – Premium Quality Plain Handmade Seven Chakra Himalayan – Tibetan Singing Bowls Set For Yoga Meditation Studios – Wellness Health Spa

1. 8 Plain Singing bPlain Handmade Seven Chakra Himalayan – Tibetan Singing Bowls Set For Yoga Meditation Studios - Wellness Health Spa

Premium Quality Handmade Seven Chakra 7 Singing Bowls Set
With Large Grounding Bowl (8 Bowls Set)
this is Octave 3 Primary Singing bowls Set with Chakra Tones Of
(C3-D3-E3-F3-G3-A3-B3) with all bowls Fit it each other perfectly

All Seven Chakra Bowls aligned to each other, with each bowls having multiple frequencies) – Tibetan Singing Bowls Plain Bowls Set Ideal For Individuals Sound Healing Body Contact Sessions + Yoga Meditation Session small group sound healing purpose. Set can be used for space clearing meditation, aura cleaning sessions and Chakra Therapy individual sessions as well.

  • (Total 8 Singing Bowls – Approximate weight of set around 12.5kg to 13kg.)
  • Includes Cushions for each bowl + 3 different types sticks (Hard sticks, Soft Mallets & Drum sticks in different sizes – Total 11 Sticks + 8 Cushions.
  • Cost For Delivery In India: 35000 INR including 12 % GST Taxes.
  • Cost For Complete: 500$ USD including 12 % GST Taxes.
  • International Delivery Charges Extra – By FedEx Courier Service.


We Offer International Courier Delivery Services – By FedEx Or DHL Courier Service.

if you are Yoga Meditation Teacher – Sound Healer – Alternative Healers or Owner of Studio & Looking for Professional Singing Bowls Set – Please feel free to message us on Whatsapp +917888206883.

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