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“The modern world needs more Sound Healing healers, Yoga Meditation Teachers and seekers of life who can spread Wellness, peace, and love on this earth”
Our Vision: Samaveda International Sound Healing Academy

The Samaveda International Sound Healing Academy & Satyam Shivam Sundaram Meditation & Sound Healing School India envisions sound healing becoming as widespread and integral to health and wellness as yoga. They believe that in a few years, around 3 out of 10 yoga meditation teachers and healers will learn and implement sound healing into their current modalities.
This integration will offer more holistic healing solutions to the world’s current issues, providing better health outcomes. Additionally, there is a global rise in demand for sound healers in yoga and meditation studios, yet there are very few certified and authentic sound healing practitioners available. This vision underscores the potential of sound healing to transform individual and collective health by promoting holistic practices that support mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Spread Holistic Sound Healing Modalities Authentic Education Globally:

Let Sound healing Reach to 150+ Countries Globally: Committed to spreading holistic sound healing education across 150 countries, benefiting humanity through the transformative power of sound.

Offer Diverse Curriculum in Varies Sound Healing Modalities: Offering comprehensive training that integrates meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and other spiritual practices with sound healing techniques, including Singing Bowls, Gong Sound Healing, Crystal Singing Bowls, and Primordial Sound Healing Meditation. Harmonizing Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science: Combining traditional Himalayan and Tibetan sound practices with contemporary scientific insights to deliver a comprehensive education that enhances the healing process for the modern world.

Creating a Global Sound Healers Community: Spread Sound Healing Trainings & More Countries

Inclusive Environment: Fostering a supportive and inclusive community where individuals from diverse backgrounds can share experiences and grow together.

Extensive Certification & Creating Sound Healers Globally: The academy has certified 1,500 sound healers from more than 100 countries, with group sound-bath workshops and therapeutic sound healing sessions in many countries.

Global Presence: Certified master-level sound healers offer training in 10 different countries, showcasing the academy’s expansive reach.

High Success Rate: 80% of students start offering sound healing workshops within the first month after completing their training, demonstrating the effectiveness of the academy’s programs.

8 Reasons Why Choose Singing Bowls Training With Samaveda International Sound Healing Academy & Satyam Shivam Sundaram Meditation School

  • Global Certification Excellence: The only school in Asia certifying over 1500 sound healers from 100+ countries, fostering a diverse, global community.
  • Worldwide Training Impact: Our master-level sound healers provide certified Sound Healing training in 10 countries.
  • Extensive Sound-Bath Reach: Our School Certified Sound Healers Offering transformative sound-bath sessions in over 100 countries, promoting global healing and relaxation.
  • Rapid Career Start: 80% of our Sound Healing graduates begin offering workshops within the first month, fast-tracking their professional journey.
  • Experienced and Updated Training: With over 11 years of experience, this training in 2024-2025 will be updated to address contemporary wellness trends and issues.
  • Diverse Student Body: Our School Attracts yoga meditation teachers and alternative healers, with global professional students bringing interesting questions and points about integration and issues, making our training one the most diversified Training in Asia.
  • Comprehensive Sound Healing Training: Our School Unique Training featuring Many different types of Singing With over 200 types of singing bowls ensure thorough in-depth training.
  • Exclusive Specialized Singing bowls Bowl Sets For yoga Meditation Wellness Studios: Advanced-level authentic handmade Singing Bowls sets, with sound quality and design created by masters of our school, enhancing therapeutic and meditative experiences for Sound Healers, yoga Meditation studios, luxury hotels, resorts, and wellness spas.

4 days Certified Himalayan Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Healing Teacher Training Course In Goa India

8 Days Tibetan Singing Bowls – Crystal Singing Bowls & Gong Master Advance Level Sound Healing Teacher Training Course (Only 3 Training Per Year)

1 Day Crystal Singing Bowls Sound-Bath Sound Healing Training In Goa India

4 Days In-person – Ecstatic Dance DJ Facilitator Training Goa India

What is the Career Scope Of Being Singing Bowls Sound Healer? –

What are the Latest Sound Healing Trends 2023? – How Can i make a successful Career as a Sound Healer?


Today Tibetan singing bowls & Gong Sound bath sessions & Group Sound Healing is shifting from Metaphysical to Mainstream. There are many trends which are gaining popularity all around the world: here are some of them:

  1.  Sound Healing Has Become More Main-Stream than Ever: Sound Vibrational Healing or Sound Wellness is emerging as the latest mainstream trend in recent years. For instance, it is used in many traditional healthcare institutes, dentistry, schools, elderly care centres, fitness retreats, and corporate wellness programs, so There is vast requirement of sound healers around the world and many sound healers start to work with multiple institutions by visiting as exclusive Guest Sound healer Master.
  2. Singing Bowls Sound-bath In Wellness Resorts & Hotels: Now days many 3-4-5 Star Hotel Resorts chains & Health Wellness Spa’s, Yoga Meditation Studios Start to Add exclusive Sound Healing Room & Offer weekly One-to-One Sound healing Sessions Treatment and Group sound-bath session. These institutions mainly prefer to hire to Sound healers on Monthly Salaries.
  3. Singing Bowls Sound-bath In Yoga Teacher Training Courses: Singing Bowls Group Sound-bath Session started to part regular Yoga RYS 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses, More & More Yoga Schools start to Hire Exclusive Sound healers as part of school to offer Sound-bath session in Training & Yoga Meditation Retreats, Many Sound healer Work with Yoga Meditation School on Collaboration by % of Fee Sharing by per student to Offer exclusive Group Sound-bath session to School Students as well as One-One to Sound-bath Treatments.
  4. Singing Bowls Sound-bath In Yin Yoga Classes & Retreats: Singing Bowls Group Sound-bath Session started to part regular Yoga RYS 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses, More & More Yoga Schools start to Hire Exclusive Sound healers as part of school to offer Sound-bath session in Training & Yoga Meditation Retreats.
  5. Singing Bowls Sound-bath session In Shamanic Retreats & Cacao Ceremony: Shamanic Retreats, Cacao Ceremony & Kirtan Sound healing Circles Masters Start to implement Singing Bowls Sound-bath Session by Collaborating with Sound healers, is most seen in international tourist destinations like Bali (Indonesia), Koh Phangan (Thailand), Portugal, Costa Rica and Goa (India).
  6. Singing Bowls Sound-bath session In Ecstatic Dance Events & Live Music Concerts: Nowadays Many musicians & Ecstatic Dance DJ start to collaborate with Sound Healers to Combine Ecstatic Dance Events & Live Music Concerts Together.
  7. Singing Bowls Sound-bath Session for Corporate Wellness: Businesses and organizations could have adopted singing bowl sound-bath as part of their employee wellness programs, recognizing the benefits of sound healing for stress reduction and improved focus.
  8. Social Group Sound-bath: Nowadays Social sound-bath events conducted in parks, retreats, or community spaces are gaining popularity, emphasizing the collective healing power of sound and the sense of community.
  9. World Travel as Sound Healer Moving there Practice Globally – There are so many Hot Trending Sound healing Destinations in world where more & more people Sound healing Workshops & Training Start to happen as its attracting Global Professional Sound healer to Host Events, some of these Host Destinations are, Bali Indonesia, Costa Rica, Tulam Mexico, Koh Phangan Thailand, Portugal, Tuscany, Italy, New York USA, Rishikesh Goa India and many more.


  • Singing bowls offered by Samaveda Sound Healing Academy are manufactured in India side of Tibet in North Indian Villages by Traditional Tibetan Families who have being making Tibetan singing bowls for generations. 
  • We offer specially design sets 7 Bowls Seven Chakra Singing Bowls Sets and Exclusive sound healing concerts special set of 14 Bowls 2 different octave double seven chakra sets. 
  • Exclusive Singing bowls Set special designed for Yoga Meditation Studio with Large Groups, Wellness Spa Therapeutic Sound Healing Treatment Special Sets which consist 20 Bowls set with 2 different octave double seven chakra sets + large grounding + 4 small sound rain shower bowls. 
  • Most Advance Level Handmade 25 Singing Bowls Set For – exlusively Designed for Yoga Meditation Studio & Wellness Spa & 4-5 Stars Hotels.
  • All singing bowls Sets are designed at samaveda are chosen by our experienced sound healing training masters with understanding of matching tones, frequencies, vibrations and noted aligned with all bowls inside sets. After checking over 400+ singing bowls set is created, some sets what offer where singing bowls also fits in each other from large to small bowls inside which helps sound healers for easy to carry and travel with bowls. 
  • Samaveda also offer On Request Special set design by having Online Consultation with our Sound healing trainer’s team exclusively for Yoga meditation studios & Wellness spa’s based who understanding of who prospect clients group of people.

Past Training Students Testimonials


Certified Sound Healers Globally


Countries by Our Certified Healers


Countries by Our Master Trainers


Singing Bowls for Each Training.



Izabella Soko

The Vedic sounds and Tibetan healing bowls training was an incredible experience. We had the opportunity to learn from various brilliant teachers about the history, philosophy, meaning and power of various mantras. We were given practical guidance on how to create various workshops with the elements we studied in this training. The Tibetan healings bowls was all hands on as we practiced the various techniques we were taught on each other. Shiva understands how to deliver content to a western audience while not compromising the teachings- truly a teacher of teachers. If your interested in sound healing and mantra TAKE THESE TRAININGS. You will be very happy you did.

Esteban Steinlausky

I highly recommend Satyam Shiva Sundam Meditation School! Had the honor and pleasure to receive my training in nada yoga, sound healing and meditation teacher. All the teachers that where part of the programs are highly qualified and very humane, the techniques and knowledge shared prepared me and gave me the confidence to start my own meditation studio. Also my fellow classmates where amazing people from all over the globe which made the experience even more mesmerizing!

Renee Finn

Such a wonderful experience! Shiva is an amazing teacher and Goa is beautiful. You will meet people in this program from all over the world and find so much self growth. The experience is priceless. Highly recommend!

cristina dantas

The course for me was good to open my heart and mind to new approaches to the healing process. It was a different way of understanding the work with the Tibetan Singing Bowls and made me feel motivated to insert them in the practices that I already carried out. The teachers were great, very professional and gave to me even more confidence to continue on this path. I recommend to all those who are treading a path of self-knowledge.

Елена Радость

I was at a training with Shiva three courses in a row. This is invaluable knowledge and experience. And all this I can use in my life for myself and in the classroom to pass on to others and be happy. And generally I advise everyone to get to Shiva on the practice, he is a caring, heart space, where happened deep transformation. All the Best to school and Shiva!!!

Brindha Venkatasamy

Great training experience and amazing teachers.... I have just completed my nada yoga and sound healing training in Sathyam Shivam Sundaram Meditation School, Goa. I am feeling lucky that i got my training with Shiva and Vladimir. Two excellent teachers. Every thing is good about it, training, place and food. Best school to take Meditation and Tibetan Singing Bowl Training in India.

Reason Why Choose Samaveda Sound Healing Academy?

  • Globally renowned Academy which attracts students from over 100+ countries, eager to deepen their understanding of ancient wisdom teachings of Himalayan Tibetan Eastern knowledge merged with Modern Understanding of Sound Healing.
  • Academy has certified more than 1000 sound healers and many of them has followed passionate career as a Full-time sound healer and now some of them are leading transformative sound healing workshops and seminars around the world.
  • Academy has Certified Master Level Sound Healers with Samaveda certified trainings in 9 different countries.
  • Our Masters Team consists of highly skilled and experienced traditional Indian meditation & Sound Healing masters. These masters have been practicing and teaching the art of meditation and sound healing for many decades and have honed their skills through years of dedicated study and practice.
  • The Samaveda Sound Healing Academy Masters Team is dedicated to preserving the traditional knowledge and practices of Indian meditation and sound healing, and to passing this knowledge down to future generations.
  • With Team of Himalayan Tibetan Artist & years of experience vast understanding modern science of Sound Healing Frequencies & about varies kind of singing bowls, Samaveda Sound Healing Academy has become a leading provider of authentic hand-made Tibetan and Himalayan Advance Level Chakra singing bowls Sets to For Global Yoga Meditation Studios, Health Wellness Spa Studios.
  • Academy attracts a diverse range of students, including Yoga Teachers, Meditation Teachers, Life Coaches, Dj/Musicians, Reiki Energy Healers, Alternative Healers, Mindfulness Meditation Teachers, Women’s Practice Teachers, and Wellness Spa and Health Professionals. This eclectic mix of students brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the academy, creating a rich and dynamic learning environment.
  • Overall, the diversity of backgrounds represented among the students of the Samaveda Sound Healing Academy creates a rich and dynamic learning environment, where students can learn from each other and grow together. Whether they come from a background in yoga, meditation, healing, or wellness, the academy provides a unique and transformative experience for all its students.
  • The academy is dedicated to imparting the deep knowledge of Samaveda, the ancient Hindu scripture that focuses on the power of sound and its healing properties. The teachings and techniques offered at the academy are based on the principles of this scripture, offering students a unique and profound experience.
  • For those seeking a more immersive experience, the academy also offers Yoga and Meditation Sound Healing & Ecstatic Dance Retreats. These Transformative retreats offer a unique blend of yoga, meditation, and sound healing, providing students with a chance to fully immerse themselves in the teachings and practices of the academy.

Live Training Videos Of Singing Bowls Sound Healing Teacher Training Course In Goa India

Our Location in Heart of Arambol Beach, North Goa India

Samaveda Sound Healing Academy & Satyam Shivam Sundaram Meditation Sound healing School Training Hall & Accommodation At
Hotel Arambol Arbour, Arambol Beach, North Goa address:

H No. 159, Girkar Wada, Arambol, Pernem Arambol,

Pernem, Goa, Arambol Beach, 403524