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Understanding about 10 complementary Profound Sound Heal-ing Instruments which can bring More Harmony & Variety Into your Sound Healer Therapy Sessions.

Understanding about 10 complementary Profound Sound Healing Instruments which can bring More Harmony & Variety Into your Sound Healer Therapy Sessions.

  1. Tibetan Meditation Bells & Tibetan Dorje Bells

 Tibetan Meditation Bells & Tibetan Dorje Bells – Dorje and meditation bells are primarily used as ritual tools of Tibetan Buddhism. They represent many layers of complex symbolism and meaning. They are used in many Tibetan ritual ceremonies, chanting and other operations. Bell and Dorje represent the feminine and the masculine principles which you can find in the cosmos and the energy body of the individual. Therefore the Dorje is always held in the right hand and the bell in the left. Like this, you connect the objects to the sides of the respective channels in the body.

 As a sound healer, you can use Tibetan Dorje Meditation Bells for centring the energy and calming the mind, body and soul in a meditation Session, musical concert etc.

 You can use meditation bells as a meditation enhancer because they help practitioners to keep their attention focused on the present moment. The sound of the Meditation Bell promotes a sense of peace and calmness. 

2. Traditional Tibetan Tingsha Bells:


Tingsha bells are used in rituals, in Tibetan Buddhist prayers, ceremonies, meditation, healing, aura and environment space cleansing.   Tingsha bells comprehend of two small cymbals. They usually are 2.5 to 4 inches in diameter and joined together by a leather strap or a chain.    Tingsha bells produce a unique tone when you strike them.  It’s a pure, high-pitched sound with a very long duration. The sound of the Tingsha bell stimulates the healing process and awakens awareness. 

Based on your intuition and feelings about what kind of space you want to create inside your Sound Healing Session, you can choose Tingsha bells accordingly related to a specific chakra. For example, Root chakra C Note, Sacral chakra D Note, Solar Plexus chakra E Note, Heart chakra F Note, Throat chakra G Note, Third eye chakra A Note, Crown chakra B Note.

3) Koshi chimes (Great for Sound Healing and Therapeutic use):

Wind Chimes are probably the most popular Sound Healing instrument nowadays. Millions of people hang wind chimes outside their home because they find the sound soothing.

Koshi wind chimes are musical instruments. They are crafted out of bamboo to create optimal resonance. Each Koshi chime is tuned for four melodies—, Aria (wind), Aqua (water), Terra (earth) and Ignis (fire)- inspired by the four elements.

Each melody has its healing properties, and you can play them in harmony with each other. Like this, you can create a pure sound that nourishes, balances and awakens the soul.

As a sound healer, you can use them in energy healing Sessions and ceremonies to promote receptivity, relaxation and integration of mind, body and soul.

 Koshi wind chime instruments help your clients to reach higher states of awareness and spiritual awakening. Therefore they are an invaluable complement to energy work.

4) Om Sound Therapeutic Wind Chimes (chimes that transmit celestial sounds which charm the body, mind, heart & Soul)

They bring the power of OM into your garden, your home or your workshops & individual Sound Healing Sessions. 

5).  432HZ Wind Chimes – Natural Theraputic – DNA Repair Tuned Healing Chime

Wind chimes produce celestial sounds that charm body and mind.

The 432Hz wind chime provides peace and harmony to the person listening. Furthermore, they can have a deep-felt positive effect on the consciousness and on cellular levels of the body.

432 Hz has a significant influence on the spiritual development of the listeners. For more inner peace, listen to 432 Hz because it gives more clarity than 440 Hz.   Few Health Benefits of 432 Hz Frequencies.


  1. It helps in releasing stress and tensions from the body and mind naturally
  1. Due to the more harmonic and pleasant nature of 432Hz music compared to 440Hz, it helps in the release of serotonin and endorphins, which in turn keeps the blood pressure and heart rate stable.
  1. 432Hz music helps in releasing negative energy blockages and acts as an excellent Sound Healing tool to release toxins.

6).  Sacred Solfeggio Wind Chime :


These Sacred Solfeggio Wind Chimes transmit celestial sounds that charm body and mind.  Often, they’re considered as ornaments hung on our homes. But Wind Chimes are essential tools used in Feng Shui to maximize the flow of chi.They can produce beautiful celestial sounds and timbres.

These sound frequencies were initially used in ancient Gregorian Chants. The chants and their unique tones were supposed to give tremendous spiritual blessings if sung in harmony during religious masses. Nowadays you can produce Solfeggio frequencies with the help of Sacred Solfeggio Wind Chimes.

This is a form of music that uses specific sound patterns to stimulate the brain. These particular tracks help your brain waves to achieve a frequency that has many benefits. Solfeggio Frequencies are typically utilized for transformational purposes and can help to improve relationships, deal with fear and change and awaken one’s intuition.   Solfeggio Frequencies include a set of sacred numbers with a repeating sequence of 3, 6 and 9. Each Solfeggio Frequency has a specific purpose and contains the frequency required for balancing energies and healing. For example, the 528 hertz (Hz) frequency can be used to repair DNA and is a frequency of universal miracles.

Original 6 notes Ut=396 Hz for liberating guilt and fear  Re=417 Hz for facilitating change and support  Mi=528 Hz for transformation, miracles and DNA repair  Fa=639 Hz for connecting and relationships  Sol=741 Hz for awakening intuition  La=852 Hz for returning to the spirit.

7) Rainsticks – (An instrument that brings peace & deep soothing relaxation used by musicians & energy healers):


Rainsticks are also percussion instruments. They are traditionally made from hollowed out cactus branches filled with small beans or pebbles. Tilting the rainstick simulates the therapeutic sound of falling rain.

The tube contains pins arranged in a specific pattern, which causes the stones inside to fall against them and creates the sound of rain.

 Indigenous people of South America invented rainsticks. Therefore the first rainsticks may have been made from cactus.

Rainsticks are Sound Healing instruments to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. They also promote serenity and relaxation and induce states of peace and calm. They produce a sound similar to that of falling rain. The sound of rain falling has always been considered as a soothing sound and is often incorporated into different types of meditation music.

 Rainsticks are delightful and relaxing tools. You can use them as an acoustic background in combination with other musical instruments.

8). Crystal Singing Bowls:

Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healing Therapy helps to balance the chakra system and re-energizes the auric field. Crystal bowls are made from crushed quartz which is 99.992% pure. It is heated to about 4000 degrees in a centrifugal mold.  The bowls come in various sizes which can range from 6 to 24 inches in diameter.

The size of a bowl does not determine the note, but larger bowls sound notes in lower octaves. Each bowl is tested digitally to identify its sound.

One can get a sense of which tone is most congruent with the individual’s needs or desires.

For example, Root chakra C Note, Sacral chakra D Note, Solar Plexus chakra E Note, Heart chakra F Note, Throat chakra G Note, Third eye chakra A Note, Crown chakra B Note

 Some bowls can harmonize with others. When both bowls are played simultaneously, the effect is synergistic and exquisite.

  • Crystal Singing Bowls can significantly reduce stress, anxiety and help to stimulate the immune system.
  • Crystal bowls can assist with lowering blood pressure and anger when used accurately and under proper guidance.
  • They are great for deep relaxation, pain relief and increasing mental and emotional clarity.

 As we know every cell in the human body has a geometric Crystalline structure. Due to this, the body resonates with the frequencies of quartz Crystals Singing Bowls. Because Crystal Singing Bowls can align with chakras, they are widely used and considered to be effective in combination with Tibetan Singing Bowls in Sound Bath Sessions.

9) Unweighted & weighted Tuning Forks:


The main purpose and use of unweighted tuning forks is for Sound Healing during individual Sound Bath Sessions. We never bring these tuning forks in contact with any of the client’s body parts to give a Sound Healing Therapy.

An unweighted tuning fork set can be a chakra tuning fork set, a sacred Solfeggio tuning fork set, an Aum tuning fork set or a human body organ tuning fork sets.

Unweighted tuning forks are great for vibrational Sound Healing such as sound toning, and for working with the energy balance, like opening energy blocks, cleansing auras and clearing chakras. They don’t provide good vibrations; hence we do not use them for contact method in Sound Healing Sessions. The shape of unweighted tuning forks is different than the shape of weighted tuning forks.  Unweighted tuning fork sets have the unique quality of being able to produce harmonic intervals with multiple pitches that also occur when you strike unweighted tuning forks together. Generally, if you are working in the etheric field, or on a fragile or debilitated client, then you can use unweighted tuning forks. Otherwise, if you are working on a physically strong client who is dealing with a physical issue, you can use a weighted tuning fork set.

10 Weighted tuning forks

Weighted tuning forks have a weight at the end of the arms of the tuning fork. The result of this weight is that the tuning for generates a stronger vibration.

When you press the end of the tuning fork into the body, the recipient can easily feel the vibration going into their body. The vibration may promptly enter tensions and body tissues.


Weighted tuning forks do not produce good sound and harmonic intervals as easily. However, they have a stronger vibration than unweighted tuning forks. This makes them easier to feel, and excellent to use them on acupuncture points, for a sound puncture, and deep muscle relaxation techniques.   In addition to their sound and vibrational healing qualities, weighted tuning forks can physically transfer their frequency of vibration to the body. Either by using forced resonance or by directly applying the handle (also called stem) of the tuning fork on the body at the point of focus, such as meridian points or chakras.   Weighted tuning forks vibrate longer, and stay at the exact frequency longer. This makes them great for precision or accurate tuning or toning when giving Sessions to yourself or others.


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