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WHY SHOULD I join Ecstatic Dance DJ training ?



  • To gain the confidence to lead others on a journey of personal growth through music and movement.
  • To empower yourself as a strong and skilled Ecstatic Dance DJ.
  • To understand how to grow and nurture an Ecstatic Dance community.
  • To participate in an incredibly transformative experience on a tropical island paradise.
  • To be taught by an experienced international professional at the height of his career.
  • To connect with and join the wider Ecstatic Dance global DJing Community.
  • To nurture your DJing talents, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned DJ.
  • To develop your leadership abilities using music as the conduit.
  • To experience a nurturing community environment where you are practically, emotionally and spiritually supported on your journey as a DJ.


This Training is for YOU, if:

  • You were passionate about becoming an Ecstatic Dance DJ.
  • You want to welcome music and movement more fully in your life.
  • You are new to DJing and want to learn from a professional.
  • You are an experienced DJ and want to learn new skills and techniques.
  • You are a workshop facilitator and want to learn how to guide people through an experience using music.
  • You are ready to unleash your creative potential as an Ecstatic Dance DJ and space holder.
  • You want to have fun with Dance & music in a supportive community.


During this DJ Training, you will learn the following:

  • How to create your own exalting Ecstatic Dance DJ sets
  • How to mix beats, keys, bars and phrases
  • How to mix emotion and flow into your DJ Sets
  • To master matching sound levels & creatively using EQs
  • To understand song structure and analysis
  • How to creatively use looping effects in the mix.How to use different genres and styles in a mix
  • How to create & structural beautiful Ecstatic dance sets & all kinds of Ecstatic Dance Dj & Facilitator styles to provide a fulfilling experience for the participants
  • Learn about the core principles of Ecstatic Dance, how to facilitate the Dance, and how to create a fun and safe place for participants.
  • Different ways to open and close the Ecstatic dance space and get plenty of exercise!
  • Learn how to set music on the laptop, especially to create Ecstatic dance sets.
  • Learn how effectively you can source your music for the Ecstatic Dance Party.
  • Advanced set structure & planning
  • Creative mixing with different tempos
  • To use DJ programs and tools
  • How to use and create “flow” in your DJ sets
  • How to quickly and confidently overcome mistakes and stressful moments while DJing
  • How to market yourself as a DJ within a national or international context
  • How to become a fully embodied Ecstatic Dance DJ and stand out from the crowd
  • How to fully step into your power as an Ecstatic Dance DJ and be the best version of you



  • Flights or accommodation.
  • Computer or DJ Controller.

NB: DJ Controller can be engaged from us (but we require at least one week’s notice to organize this).