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Who Can Join Ecstatic Dance DJ Training In Bali

Who Can Join Ecstatic Dance DJ Training In Bali

This Training is suited for everybody (both beginners or experienced DJs) interested in Conscious/Ecstatic Dance, (movement) therapy, yoga, space holding, ceremony, community, social change and embodiment practices.

If you have already experienced holding small or large groups through transformational experiences, you want to add beautiful musical journeys.


Why Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance was used to awaken and unite the tribe worldwide. Once a frame subculture, our ED society has grown into an international movement that grooves, healing, uniting and inspiring, revealing the power of free-flowing Dance as a journey toward empowerment, wholeness, and ecstasy.


Transitioning from Dj Playing in Club to Ecstatic Dance DJ

Your way around the decks and want to hold profoundly transformative journeys of movement and Dance for your society.

Complete DJ & Ecstatic Dance Beginners

If you’ve never touched Traktor before but love Ecstatic Dance Music, it changed your life, and learn how you can become Professional Ecstatic Dance DJ.

Ready to Build Group with Dance

You learn for a booming alternative dance and music scene in your community, and YOU want to be part of creating some beautiful energy.



  • To gain the confidence to lead others on a journey of personal growth through music and movement.
  • To empower yourself as a strong and skilled Ecstatic Dance DJ.
  • To understand how to grow and nurture an Ecstatic Dance community.
  • To participate in an incredibly transformative experience on a tropical island paradise.
  • To be taught by an experienced international professional at the height of his career.
  • To connect with and join the wider Ecstatic Dance global DJing Community.
  • To nurture your DJing talents, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned DJ.
  • To develop your leadership abilities using music as the conduit.
  • To experience a nurturing community environment where you are practically, emotionally and spiritually supported on your journey as a DJ.