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Join the Samaveda International Sound Healing Academy in India: Transformative Training for Aspiring Healers

Join the Samaveda International Sound Healing Academy in India: Transformative Training for Aspiring Healers

Discover the Samaveda International Sound Healing Academy in India, offering comprehensive training programs for aspiring sound healers. Learn the art and science of sound healing, meditation, and chakra balancing from expert trainers in a serene environment.

Experience the transformative power of sound healing at the Samaveda International Sound Healing Academy in India. Our academy offers comprehensive training programs designed for aspiring sound healers, providing in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in sound therapy, meditation, and chakra balancing. Guided by expert trainers, you’ll learn the ancient techniques and modern applications of sound healing in a serene and supportive environment. Whether you are seeking personal growth or professional advancement, our programs equip you with the skills and insights needed to harness the healing power of sound. Join us in India for a journey of transformation and enlightenment.

Join the Samaveda International Sound Healing Academy in India for transformative training in sound healing. Learn from expert trainers in a serene environment, and gain skills in meditation, chakra balancing, and sound therapy.”

– Comprehensive sound healing training programs

– Expert guidance from experienced trainers

– Techniques in meditation and chakra balancing

– Supportive and serene learning environment

– Personal and professional growth opportunities

– Certification in sound therapy

– Join a community of aspiring healers

About Samaveda International Sound Healing Academy India

The Words Samaveda comes from one of the four Main Vedas, ancient Indian sacred texts, and Samaveda considered to be the “Veda of Sound”.

The Samaveda International Sound Healing Academy Along with Satyam Shivam Sundaram Meditation School is in Registered Meditation & Sound Healing School In India, its Originally located in the global spiritual hub of Rishikesh and Goa India, it has been providing professional training & retreats in Primordial Sacred Sound Healing Meditation, Himalayan Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Healing Teacher Training, Gong Master Training and 50-100 Hours Meditation teacher Training for the past 8 years.

Reason Why Choose Samaveda Sound Healing Academy?

  • Globally renowned Academy which attracts students from over 100+ countries, eager to deepen their understanding of ancient wisdom teachings of Himalayan Tibetan Eastern knowledge merged with Modern Understanding of Sound Healing. 
  • Academy has certified more than 1000 sound healers and many of them has followed passionate career as a Full-time sound healer and now some of them are leading transformative sound healing workshops and seminars around the world.
  • Academy has Certified Master Level Sound Healers with Samaveda certified trainings in 9 different countries. 
  • Our Masters Team consists of highly skilled and experienced traditional Indian meditation & Sound Healing masters. These masters have been practicing and teaching the art of meditation and sound healing for many decades and have honed their skills through years of dedicated study and practice. 
  • The Samaveda Sound Healing Academy Masters Team is dedicated to preserving the traditional knowledge and practices of Indian meditation and sound healing, and to passing this knowledge down to future generations. 
  • With Team of Himalayan Tibetan Artist & years of experience vast understanding modern science of Sound Healing Frequencies & about varies kind of singing bowls, Samaveda Sound Healing Academy has become a leading provider of authentic hand-made Tibetan and Himalayan Advance Level Chakra singing bowls Sets to For Global Yoga Meditation Studios, Health Wellness Spa Studios. 
  • Academy attracts a diverse range of students, including Yoga Teachers, Meditation Teachers, Life Coaches, Dj/Musicians, Reiki Energy Healers, Alternative Healers, Mindfulness Meditation Teachers, Women’s Practice Teachers, and Wellness Spa and Health Professionals. This eclectic mix of students brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the academy, creating a rich and dynamic learning environment.
  • Overall, the diversity of backgrounds represented among the students of the Samaveda Sound Healing Academy creates a rich and dynamic learning environment, where students can learn from each other and grow together. Whether they come from a background in yoga, meditation, healing, or wellness, the academy provides a unique and transformative experience for all its students. 
  • The academy is dedicated to imparting the deep knowledge of Samaveda, the ancient Hindu scripture that focuses on the power of sound and its healing properties. The teachings and techniques offered at the academy are based on the principles of this scripture, offering students a unique and profound experience. 
  • For those seeking a more immersive experience, the academy also offers Yoga and Meditation Sound Healing & Ecstatic Dance Retreats. These Transformative retreats offer a unique blend of yoga, meditation, and sound healing, providing students with a chance to fully immerse themselves in the teachings and practices of the academy.
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