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Buy Full-moon Seven Chakra Sound Healing Singing Bowl Sets Bahrain

Buy Full-moon Seven Chakra Sound Healing Singing Bowl Sets Bahrain.


Looking to buy Full moon Singing bowls Set In Bahrain. Plain Handmade Tibetan Singing Bowls Sets & antique finish etched & Carving Seven Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowls Sets In Bahrain.

Samaveda Intentional Academy of Sound healing Offer Handmade Sacred mantra carving seven Chakra complete Full moon Singing bowls Set online.


  • Samaveda Sound Healing Academy & Satyam Shivam Sundaram Meditation Is one the Asia’s top Sound Healing Training School conducting different level of sound healing training with over 450 certified students sound healers from 90+ countries. 
  • Singing bowls offered by Samaveda Sound Healing Academy are manufactured in India side of Tibet in North Indian Villages by Traditional Tibetan Families who have being making Tibetan singing bowls for generations. 
  • We offer specially design sets 7 Bowls Seven Chakra Singing bowls Sets and Exclusive sound healing concerts special set of 14 Bowls 2 different octave double seven chakra sets. 
  • Exclusive Singing bowls Set special designed for Yoga Meditation Studio with Large Groups, Wellness Spa Therapeutic Sound Healing Treatment special Sets which consist 20 Bowls set with 2 different octave double seven chakra sets + large grounding + 4 small sound rain shower bowls. 
  • All singing bowls Sets are designed at samaveda are chosen by our experienced sound healing training masters with understanding of matching tones, frequencies, vibrations and noted aligned with all bowls inside sets. After checking over 300+ singing bowls set is created, some sets what offer where singing bowls also fits in each other from large to small bowls inside which helps sound healers for easy to carry and travel with bowls. 
  • Samaveda also offer On Request Special set design by having Online Consultation with our Sound healing trainer’s team exclusively for Yoga meditation studios & Wellness spa’s based who understanding of who prospect clients group of people.


Double octave 4 handmade carving singing bowls set


Full moon Seven Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowls Set Specially designed for Yoga Meditation Teachers


Buy Online 7 Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowls Plain Handmade for Yoga Meditation Studios & Wellness Spas