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Reemerging of Ecstatic Dance

Reemerging of Ecstatic Dance

Once, on the beaches of Hawaii, in the shadow of a volcano, Ecstatic Dance returned. The beating sun and burning earth were infused into the movements and philosophy of the Dance. Max Fathom, who had been part of the Conscious Dance community, stopped by Burning Man on his way to Hawaii. Hearing the rhythm of the new styles of Electronic Music, he dreamt of combining the two.

DJs and their electronic tapestry of sounds came in. Sonic flares sound through the room. Genres meld and blur. No set is ever the same.

No drugs or alcohol are used. These are not drug-fueled raves. No shoes are worn; no words are said. Modern dancers follow the footsteps of their ancestors and express themselves with their bodies and spirit! There is no right or wrong way. Use your movements to unwind, express and reach an ecstatic meditative state! Participants feel a connection with their fellow dancers and the world!

Throughout the Ecstatic dance journey, the music goes in waves. Starting slow, it builds up towards an ecstatic high—going through various rhythms, yet slowing down again and giving way to more hearted, touchy vibes. As the music flows, your body does, too, until the community ends the Dance together!


Ecstatic Dance has spread across the globe in the modern, fast-paced, and stressful world. Following the first Ecstatic dances in Oakland, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, and Barcelona, they have found their way into India and South East Asia. Everyone can benefit from Freedom of expression, and you must let yourself go!


In Umaya centre, Ecstatic Dance is one of the popular activities that bring a lot of fun and joy to all involved! We offer a course for the Ecstatic dance DJ training for all interested in spreading this movement across the planet!


Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is a form in which the dancers, occasionally without the need to follow exact steps, abandon themselves to the tempo and move freely as the music brings them, leading to a trance and an emotion of ecstasy. The results of ecstatic Dance begin with ecstasy itself, which may be experienced in differing degrees. Dancers are described as feeling connected to others and their own emotions. The Dance functions as a form of meditation, helping individuals to cope with stress and to attain serenity.

Ecstatic Dance has been practised throughout human history, including in classical times by the maenads, followers of the wine-god Dionysus. In the ancient and widespread practice of shamanism, ecstatic Dance and rhythmic drumming are used to alter consciousness in spiritual practices. Ecstatic sacred dances are also known from religious traditions around the world.