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Primordial Sound Healing Through Mantra Mediation

What does Mantra mean ? Literally the word Mantra is translated from Sanskrit as Mind Instrument (Man – mind, Tra – instrument). It is regarded as a tool to free the mind from the bondage of this world. It is defined variously in English as a prayer, hymn or song of praise, sacred formula, incantation, etc. Mantra can be a sound, a syllable, a word, a group of words or sentences that, creating the resonance in the whole being (body, mind and spirit), have the power to heal the physical body, calm the mind and awaken the spirit. Mantras originated in the Vedic tradition of India at least 3000 years ago, later becoming an essential part of the Hindu tradition and a customary practice within Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainisme. Reciting of Mantra can include verbal repetition in the form of chanting in a normal voice (baikhari), whispering (upanshu), or silent mental incantation (manasik). When Mantra is integrated in the practice of Sound Meditation, concentration and control of the mind come easily. Sound Meditations with Mantras are the shortest way to the experience of higher states of mind and expanded consciousness. Mantra chanting has many profound benefits:
  • Reduces Anxiety and Depression
  • Releases Neuroses
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Soothing the Nervous system
  • Stimulates intuition and creativity
  • Promotes concentration
  • Helps to enter the state of Meditation
Primordial Sound Meditation. Primordial Sound Meditation is rooted in the Indian Vedic tradition. The technique requires that the student receives a personal mantra from the Master. The mantra is not a chosen sound, but a recreation of the vibration of the Universe at the moment of the students’ birth. It takes lots of knowledge and skill to calculate it following the ancient Vedic mathematic formulas. The personal mantra should be repeated mentally, then it creates a vibration that helps to find a gap between the thoughts and rest in the space of inner silence, free of the noise of mental chatter. This is the state of deep awareness, when a practitioner is exposed to hers/his own nature. Aside from promoting spiritual awakening and inner peace, Primordial Sound Meditation is helpful for:
  • managing stress and anxiety
  • reliving sleep disorders
  • lowering blood pressure
  • awakening creativity and intuition
  • enhancing self-expression and interpersonal relationship
Sound Meditation with Chakra Bija Mantras. Using sound vibrations to activate the Chakras is a powerful technique inherited from the ancient Yogic tradition. Bija (or seed) Mantras are letters of the sacred Sanskrit alphabet corresponding to each of the 7 Chakras. It is believed that the Chakras were created out of the vibrations of their Bija Mantras. By repeating the Sounds, these psychic centers are activated and energized. Through the regular practice, it is possible to open and activate the 7 Chakras and experience the state of higher consciousness, as the Chakras system has a direct impact on the evolution of mind. The Bija Mantra associated with a particular Chakra is capable of activating and opening the Chakra and helps to control the manifestation of characteristics related to it on the physical, mental and energetic levels. The Bija Mantras for 7 Chakras:
Mooladhara Lam
Svadhishtana Vam
Manipura Ram
Anahata Yam
Vishuddhi Ham
Ajna Om (AUM)
Sahasrara Silence
Through Sound Meditation with Bija Mantras many benefits can be achieved:
  • Balancing the Chakra system.
  • Removing the energy blockages and opening the Chakras.
  • Activating a particular Chakra when it is needed.
  • Healing diseases associated with blocked Chakra(s) by using corresponding Bija Mantra(s)
  • Letting go of past negative emotions blocking the Chakras.
  • Deep connection with the Self and the world.
  • Increasing the energy level.
  • Discovering creative potential.
  • Improving interpersonal relationship.

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