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Nada Yoga – The Yoga Of Sound

Nada Yoga – The Yoga Of Sound: Explore The Sacred  Healing Meditation Through Inner Sacred Sounds

In the Vedic tradition, Sound vibrations are called Nada. Nada Yoga employs sound not only to restore physical and mental health, the Sound practices are also regarded as a path to spiritual awakening. Nada Yoga distinguishes external sounds (Ahata) and internal sounds (Anahata). Chanting External sounds perceived by the ears through the sense of hearing. Nada Yoga Ahata practice can be as simple as listening to music and gently focusing the mind on the individual notes. A practitioner can listen to the different natural music and notes—bird songs, rain, ocean waves, wind playing with the leaves of a tree. Another Ahata practice is chanting of sacred Mantras such as OM (AUM) focusing on each individual sound and vibration it creates in the body aiming to make the awareness withdraw from the outside world and move inwards. Internal Sound (Nada) Internal sounds, unlike external, are perceived not through the physical body but through the Anahata Chakra, the Heart Chakra. Nada Yoga teaches that each human body has its own unique vibration, or inner Sound. By regulating the breath and blocking the noise from the outside by closing the ears with the thumbs, the attention can be gently turned inwards, then, if listening carefully, the inner Sound can be perceived. Over time the Sound becomes easier to hear, experienced practitioners can hear the Nada sound even without closing the ears. Aligning your mind with this Sound helps to balance your energetic body and, entering a deep meditative state, connect you with your divine nature. Bhramari Pranayama (Humming bee breath). Bhramari Pranayama is widely known as Humming bee breath because the sound produced during the practice closely resembles that of the black bee. This sound is produced on exhalation, while breathing through the nose. The lips should be lightly closed, teeth slightly apart, this position ensures that the Sound vibrations will be felt more distinctly in the brain. This breathing technique is favored by many practitioners because it instantly releases all tensions in the room, if any were present, and:
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Speeds up the healing of body tissue
  • Strengthens vocal cords
  • Relives insomnia
  • Directs the awareness inwards
  • Induces meditative state
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Alleviates anger and anxiety

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