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Ecstatic Dance DJ Training 2023

Ecstatic Dance DJ Training

Samaveda International Sound Healing Academy – Offers Ecstatic Dance DJ Training In Ubud, Bali

Join us for a 5-day training into weaving musical knowledge for Ecstatic and Mindful Dance. It is easy to get lost as an inspiring DJ, as there is an overload of methods and genres to explore, and you lose sight of why you DJ. We will focus on the heart and the art of DJing so you can decide which skills to develop as a DJ. Our Training starts by listening, rooting ourselves in their story and understanding the various phases of the journey. You will encounter various styles and types of music and their effect on the dancing body. We will dive into the practicalities and skills to create your own set, mix and improvise during a set – while listening to your crowd. With this knowledge, you can use all the aspects of your craft to go beyond the mere technicality of playing songs and create magic on the dance floor.

This Ecstatic dance Dj & Facilitator training will cover everything needed for Ecstatic Dance. You can communicate with others in your style from a place of service, playfulness and love!

For us, the Heart of DJ’ing is about creating a Dance Journey. Mixing, transitioning, and selecting different genres is in service of the Dance. Creating a dance journey is about more than just placing tracks one after the other. It is about helping the dancers arrive in their bodies, lifting them over the threshold and into a deep surrender. It also supports them in finding their feet again and moving back into their daily lives.

Who Can Join Ecstatic Dance DJ Training In Bali

This Training is suited for everybody (both beginners or experienced DJs) interested in Conscious/Ecstatic Dance, (movement) therapy, yoga, space holding, ceremony, community, social change and embodiment practices.

If you have already experienced holding small or large groups through transformational experiences, you want to add beautiful musical journeys.


Why Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance was used to awaken and unite the tribe worldwide. Once a frame subculture, our ED society has grown into an international movement that grooves, healing, uniting and inspiring, revealing the power of free-flowing Dance as a journey toward empowerment, wholeness, and ecstasy.




This Training is for YOU, if:

  • You were passionate about becoming an Ecstatic Dance DJ.
  • You want to welcome music and movement more fully in your life.
  • You are new to DJing and want to learn from a professional.
  • You are an experienced DJ and want to learn new skills and techniques.
  • You are a workshop facilitator and want to learn how to guide people through an experience using music.
  • You are ready to unleash your creative potential as an Ecstatic Dance DJ and space holder.
  • You want to have fun with Dance & music in a supportive community.




  • To gain the confidence to lead others on a journey of personal growth through music and movement.
  • To empower yourself as a strong and skilled Ecstatic Dance DJ.
  • To understand how to grow and nurture an Ecstatic Dance community.
  • To participate in an incredibly transformative experience on a tropical island paradise.
  • To be taught by an experienced international professional at the height of his career.
  • To connect with and join the wider Ecstatic Dance global DJing Community.
  • To nurture your DJing talents, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned DJ.
  • To develop your leadership abilities using music as the conduit.
  • To experience a nurturing community environment where you are practically, emotionally and spiritually supported on your journey as a DJ.


During this DJ Training, you will learn the following:

  • How to create your own exalting Ecstatic Dance DJ sets
  • How to mix beats, keys, bars and phrases
  • How to mix emotion and flow into your DJ Sets
  • To master matching sound levels & creatively using EQs
  • To understand song structure and analysis
  • How to creatively use looping effects in the mix.How to use different genres and styles in a mix


  • How to create & structural beautiful Ecstatic dance sets & all kinds of Ecstatic Dance Dj & Facilitator styles to provide a fulfilling experience for the participants
  • Learn about the core principles of Ecstatic Dance, how to facilitate the Dance, and how to create a fun and safe place for participants.
  • Different ways to open and close the Ecstatic dance space and get plenty of exercises!
  • Learn how to set music on the laptop, especially to create Ecstatic dance sets.
  • Learn how effectively you can source your music for the Ecstatic Dance Party.


  • Advanced set structure & planning
  • Creative mixing with different tempos
  • To use DJ programs and tools
  • How to use and create “flow” in your DJ sets
  • How to quickly and confidently overcome mistakes and stressful moments while DJing
  • How to market yourself as a DJ within a national or international context
  • How to become a fully embodied Ecstatic Dance DJ and stand out from the crowd
  • How to fully step into your power as an Ecstatic Dance DJ and be the best version of you



  • Flights or accommodation.
  • Computer or DJ Controller.

NB: DJ Controller can be engaged from us (but we require at least one week’s notice to organize this).


Transitioning from Dj Playing in Club to Ecstatic Dance DJ

Your way around the decks and want to hold profoundly transformative journeys of movement and Dance for your society.

Complete DJ & Ecstatic Dance Beginners

If you’ve never touched Traktor before but love Ecstatic Dance Music, it changed your life, and learn how you can become Professional Ecstatic Dance DJ.

Ready to Build Group with Dance

You learn for a booming alternative dance and music scene in your community, and YOU want to be part of creating some beautiful energy.






  • You will understand how to set up the Traktor Pro 3 (Dj software) & all its settings, interface and creative capabilities. You will also get a file with basic settings from us to earn & have an easy starting.
  • Learn how you can manage your music library efficiently in your DJ software by putting tags and advanced sorting of various kinds of music.
  • How to use your Dj controller
  • The basics of musical theory to understand the logic & principles of DJ mixing
  • How to blend & mix your songs smoothly together – using bars, musical phrases and sections and various DJ techniques
  • Where to put your hot cue points and how to use loops to make your transitions sound great!
  • How to use EQ, filter and DJ effects in mixing
  • Essential effects and effect chains that will make the difference in your transitions
  • You will learn to creatively mix different genres & styles And some excellent advanced mixing techniques to surprise your audience!

We will cover In Ecstatic Dance DJ Training In Bali:

  • His/her/our story of music
  • The DJ as a storyteller
  • Music theory: structure of a song, Camelot wheel, time signature
  • Mixing different types of music genres into one whole
  • Affect and Effect of different music styles on the dancing body
  • Deep listening and sensing the atmosphere of the whole
  • The skill of improvising and organizing your music (plus where to find music)
  • Beat mixing, essential mixing and another form of transitions
  • Well-being of a DJ: holding space for yourself first, working with feedback


Cost For Ecstatic Dance DJ Training In Bali

​We wish to create a private dancing and learning community during this residential Training. We, therefore, have places for 25 participants.

This Training is for a music lover who dreams of the opportunity to DJ, creating your style of the Ecstatic Dance journey.

If you are obsessed with music and dream of becoming a DJ but need clarification on needing help knowing where to begin this learning?

Are you looking for a space where you can learn skills and engage in a fun, supportive environment among peers?

Do you want to come to Dance with us?

Immerse yourself among conscious dance leaders and dancers to share music, discuss facilitation ideas, learn new DJ skills, participate in live music jams and, of course, DANCE!

  • There will be step-by-step learning of Software ( Traktor Pro 3 DJ).
  • ​Learn how to promote yourself effectively and get Conscious Dance events and classes for the same.
  • Make new friends
  • Nourish your body with wholesome meals, delicious yoga and meditation.


How can I learn ecstatic Dance?

  • Guide for Starting an Ecstatic Dance.
  • Develop your Vision.
  • Make sure you understand why you are starting this and what
  • Get to know Dance History and Modern Electronic Music.
  • Research the history of Dance in modern and ancient times for your own.
  • Get to Know Your Community.
  • Attend all types of Conscious Dances in your Area.

What is the purpose of ecstatic Dance?

It is a free-flowing dance to achieve ecstasy. It is a natural process in which your awareness shifts, and you experience a profoundly meditative and happy state of mind through free-flowing body movements.

What is an ecstatic dance DJ? | What is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance is a freeform dance practice that happens worldwide in small and big spaces. It is usually 1-3 hours long and always has a DJ who mixes music like a club. The significant differences from your typical club are: There is no talking on the dance floor.

Ecstatic Dance sessions did not include dance technique or movement classes. They aim to provide a space of non-verbal communication and FREEDOM where you can be yourself and express your being through Dance and MOVEMENT. Music is a kaleidoscope of varied rhythms; it makes us float together in a sea of sensations as individuals of a large family. Ecstatic Dance is an international movement that aims to create COMMUNITY through Dance.

Ecstatic Dance is a form in which the dancers don’t follow specific steps; they only follow the rhythm and move freely as per the music. The effects of ecstatic Dance begin with joy, which differing abilities may experience, and dancers expressed feeling interconnected to others and their feelings. The Dance acts as a form of meditation, enabling people to cope with stress and attain serenity.

Ecstatic Dance is a free-flowing dance to perform ecstasy. It is a natural state in which your attention shifts, and you experience a happy meditative state of mind via body movements. But it is fun to move your body to melody; Ecstatic Dance was established to help your physical and mental health.

Ecstatic Dance is good because there are no rules! There are only three basic rules to remember while joining an Ecstatic Dance.

No alcohol/drugs

No talking

No judgment

Besides, you’ll have no limitations during an Ecstatic Dance session! There is no choreography, no particular music genre, and there is nothing but love and acceptance around you. It is a safe space to express yourself how you truly want.

Make space in your house. If you have a small apartment, move your furniture to practice the wildest dance moves. You should not be confined to one square meter of Freedom!

Make sure you’re not disturbed. Mute your phone, and ask your flatmates not to disturb you for a while. It is time for you.

Set the mood. Creating the right ambience for you to be mentally satisfied in another place is essential. You can do a few things to achieve that. One of which is lighting incense or a scented candle. The smell can trigger memories of other places and times – which could be very nice if you want to ‘escape’ your own home for a bit.

Close your eyes. You may feel self-conscious. If that happens, close your eyes, dim the lights and focus on the music. Wait until you feel the need to start dancing.

Start slow. If you still feel a little bit insecure. Start by tapping your feet to the beat or bobbing your head. Slowly increase your movements – there is no need to go wild if you don’t want to yet!

  1. Be aware and respect the space of fellow dancers
  2. Obtain explicit consent each time before making physical contact with another
  3. Refrain from talking
  4. Attend in a sober state
  5. Refrain from explicit sexual activity
  6. Be barefoot, if possible
  7. No cell phone use or taking photos/video
  8. Avoid wearing solid scents (Be clean!)
  9. Dance Tribe is a ceremonial space


Ecstatic Dance is a freeform dance practice that happens worldwide in small and big spaces. It is usually 1-3 hours long and always has a DJ who mixes music like a club. The significant differences from your typical club are:

  • There is no talking on the dance floor.
  • There are no drugs or alcohol allowed, and people are encouraged to remain sober.
  • Event times are often in the mornings or early evenings
  • Rather than a social escape, these are places where people go to connect deeper with themselves
  • There will often be a movement class or yoga opening at the start and a sound healing closing at the end
  • Diversity of music genres is encouraged and expected
  • Most people come for the whole “journey” and go through the steps together
  • Generally, photography is not allowed

What you will learn:

  • Master Traktor Dj program and mixing
  • Where to find music, how to organize your music,
  • How to lead the warm-up, and closing circles
  • How to create dynamic variety in a mix
  • How to create and hold sacred space
  • How to facilitate from Embodied presence
  • How to market and brand yourself for success
  • Learn how to mix harmonically and How to use

effects, loops, cueing and mixing creatively for the Ecstatic Dance wave and Cacao Ceremonies. Plus, how to find gigs, market and brand yourself and create your tribe.

We will support and initiate you as we embark on this incredible life-transforming experience into the art of creating, holding & facilitating Sacred Ecstatic Dance Space, including the business of being a kickass abundant freelance Ecstatic Dance Facilitator and Dj.

More than just a Dj training course, this Training will give you tools for life to be the best human version of yourself possible!

In addition to learning everything you need to know to host an Ecstatic Dance, you will also learn how to hold space to take people on a transformational, shamanic musical journey. Learn to listen like a musician and gain a deep understanding of the power of music to guide people into the trance dance experience.

In addition to learning everything you need to know to host an Ecstatic Dance, you will also learn how to hold space to take people on a transformational, shamanic musical journey. Learn to listen like a musician and gain a deep understanding of the power of music to guide people into the trance dance experience.