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What is Reiki? Reiki is an art of spiritual healing which has its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki is made of Japanese words Rei and Ki where Rei means Universal Life and Ki means Energy. Hence, Reiki is Universal Life Energy or Energy of the life that exists in this Universe. As a spiritual practice, Reiki doesn't belong to any particular religion or belief system, nor it's some massage therapy. It is simply a healing process with the help of spiritually guided life force energy, which aims at creating balance and harmony within mind, body and spirit. Reiki is the healing energy that flows through all the life forms and according to its practitioners, every life form has an ability to connect and strengthen the energy within them and use it for healing purposes. One can either heal oneself or heal others. This energy is supposed to be healthy and free-flowing all the time. That's the sign of healthy mind and body. But, in the case of emotional or physical imbalance, this energy gets blocked or weak. An effective Reiki session can help ease emotional and physical distress by creating a healing environment in one's body on physical, mental and physical levels. A Reiki session is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, as it's meant to bring wellness and peace. History of Reiki Ancient India is where Reiki first originated at and later in Tibet where it was developed by spiritual beings to draw energy for healing, purification, and enlightenment. It became a lost art until Dr. Mikao Usui San, a Japanese Buddhist monk, rediscovered it during the 19th century while on his quest to find the ancient healing practices used by Holy figures like Christ, Buddha, etc. who could heal anyone just by the touch of their hands. Once it became famous in Japan, Ms. Hawayo Takata introduced it to the United States during the 1930s after her own personal experience with the healing powers of Reiki technique.   Today, Reiki is regarded universally as one of the most effective healing techniques with thousands of people all the world practicing it every day to either for self-healing or to heal others. In the modern world of technology, an ancient technique making a respected place amongst people is impressive and worth noticing. With more and more people adopting Reiki healing is bring peace and overall well-being to this world. In many parts of the world, Reiki is being taught as a part of the regular curriculum at medical schools and is being practiced by doctors at various hospitals and clinics. Reiki is effective not only on humans but also animals and even projects can be benefitted from its healing powers. What does a regular Reiki session look like? A regular Reiki session is normally 60 to 90 minutes long, depending on the client and the issues they are dealing with. It is discussed during an initial meeting with the Reiki practitioner or the healer where the whole session will be described to the client according to the problems or issues and the expectations they have from the session. Once both the practitioners and the client have agreed on the aspects of the session, it then proceeds to the next step which is the actual session. For the session, the client will either lay on a massage or sit in a chair. For a Reiki session, the client is always fully clothed with no need of removing any article of clothing at any point during the session. It is advisable to wear comfortable, loose clothing for the session. A Reiki healing technique can be either hands-on or hands-off. In the hands-on technique, the practitioner will apply light pressure on the client's body while in the hands-off technique, practitioner's hands will be slightly above the client's body. Now, although it depends on the practitioner which method they are using, if a client feels uncomfortable with touching, they can indicate it to the practitioner either before or at any point during the session. A Reiki healing session usually gives a little tingling sensation, which is completely normal. It will make you completely relaxed, and the whole session is supposed to be pleasant and exhilarating. Benefits, Conditions and Precautions: Reiki is known to have produced some quite profound effects. It is useful in many ways in not just healing a physical body but also creating an active mind and make life joyful and full of positivity. However, Reiki must not be looked as the "ultimate cure" for diseases and illnesses. Reiki has proven to be effective when combined with traditional medications and treatments. It basically makes the whole healing process more comfortable and easy to deal with. One goes through a lot of mental stress, and trauma and Reiki soothes one's mind and suppresses the feeling of negativity and the source of bad thoughts. Reiki requires a lot of commitment from one's side, and one needs to bring a lot of changes to their lifestyle like excluding all the bad habits from their life, for Reiki to be effective. Also, balancing the mind, body and spirit is a complicated process and requires patience and time. Reiki Treatments and their Benefits: Modern medicines tend to mask or reduce the symptoms of a disease instead of directly working at the problem. This approach causes the illness to come back after a while as it fails to provide a permanent solution. Reiki, on the other hand, focuses on the root cause of the disease and restores balance on all levels. Here are some of the benefits of Reiki treatment:
  • Dissolving the energy blocks and bringing a natural balance to mind, body and spirit.
  • Significant rises in the energy levels of a person.
  • Bringing body to deep relaxation state and training the body to release tension and stress more efficiently and quickly.
  • Clears mind and increases the ability to focus more.
  • Improves the immunity power of the body against diseases and stress-inducing factors.
  • Enhances self-healing abilities.
  • Cures sleeping disorder.
  • Keeps blood pressure under control
  • Spiritual growth
  • Elevates the emotional balance.
  • Not dependent on the ongoing medications and medical treatment.
  • It's not just for people who suffer from any kind of illness. Even a healthy body and mind can improve further with Reiki.
Conditions for which Reiki Treatment is Useful: Reiki fixes a lot of factors causing pain and emotional imbalance. It is beneficial for mind, body and soul and a person can seek a Reiki therapy under various conditions such as follows:  
  • Severe Headaches and Migraines
  • Asthma and other breathing-related problems.
  • Any kind of skin infection and allergies
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Depression
  • Common Cold and Flu
  • Back Problems
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Ulcers, to name a few.
What's the best time to have a Reiki Treatment? Reiki has proven to be effective when combined with traditional medications and treatments. It basically makes the whole healing process more comfortable and easy to deal with. One goes through a lot of mental stress, and trauma and Reiki soothes one's mind and suppresses the feeling of negativity and the source of bad thoughts. There is no wrong time to have a Reiki healing session. Here are some scenarios under which a Reiki healing session can be beneficial:
  • If a person is hospitalized
  • If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.
  • If you are bedridden because of some physical injury.
  • In case of any illness which is causing mental stress
  • You want to boost up your energy levels and gain positivity towards life.
  • If you are suffering from restlessness and discomfort because of some medication.
  • Chemotherapy and other similar ongoing treatments.
Becoming A Reiki Master   To receive the full benefits of Reiki healing, one needs to put full trust in the technique and the practitioner. There needs to be complete faith, and all the doubts should be cleared before going into the session. Reiki serves so much respect because it is not just about healing other and ourselves but also it guides our lives. It creates opportunities for continual growth, understanding of the world, closure and bringing us to our potential required to achieve awakening. The power of love, joy, peace, and happiness is not only good for individuals but also for the entire world as that’s what it needs the most at the moment. So, that’s why those who have been initiated into Reiki healing feel the need to proceed to advanced levels and go for the Master level.   Being a Reiki Master is a great achievement in anyone’s life as it brings out the best in a person. One doesn’t necessarily need to become a teacher to utilize fully the knowledge gained in a Master program. The additional lessons learned in the Reiki Master program, the symbols, the advanced techniques, etc. are there to add value to your healing powers. Once you start performing healing on yourself and the others either in person or from a distance, you will feel the considerable change in your abilities to heal. Once you have achieved the Master level, you will be able to give healing to your friends and family at any time. But, it doesn’t just stop here. You can always utilize the knowledge and advanced abilities into giving proper classes and open a formal Reiki healing center. Teaching Reiki to others is the greatest joy one can achieve being a Reiki Master. When you witness all those students gaining one of the most beautiful things in the world – the power to heal – under your supervision and guidance that would most definitely make you realize what your real purpose on this planet is. As you bring more healers to the world and the more they heal others, the more you will feel your connection with all of those people and your connection to the world getting stronger. The compassion and love develop when shared, and a Master healer’s job is to keep this chain growing and flourishing. It shows us the real meaning of being united and that is the need of the hour. Initiation is the most crucial part of being a Reiki Master. That’s why it is important to find the right teacher for yourself who can guide you through all the steps it takes to become a Reiki Master. Pick someone who is supportive and understanding enough to help you achieve your goal of becoming a Reiki Master. Levels of Reiki There are three levels or degrees of Reiki – Level I, Level II and Level III. Reiki – Level I The first level of Reiki starts with the opening up of energy channel and permitting the students to channel Reiki at the Physical level. The initiation process is based on the Usui Tibetan system after which the students feel a subtle energy flow their hands. It can be felt in various ways like hot, cold, tickle, buzzing or just any kind of sensation in the hands. It being the beginning of the process, it might some time for some people to feel anything. As it is the beginning of the course, anyone can be a part of this. No prior experience is required to begin the Level I of Reiki. It is usually taught over a weekend. It initiates the connection of one’s energy to the Universal energy. The energy blocks are removed and thus creating an open path for Chakras, which are major energy, centers in our bodies. Initiation opens up the channel between the crown (head) chakra to chakra in the bottom of the spine, which helps one to channel the energy everywhere in their body. After the initiation process is over, a student is permanently connected to the Universal energy. Now, the energy levels defer from person to person and one can raise them by more practice. More consistent the Reiki practice is, more constant the energy levels are in our physical body. The next levels advance us to mental and spiritual levels.   Reiki Level II The level II of Reiki requires one to have finished the Level I and have had enough practice on oneself and others. It requires for the energy to be flowing at constant levels 90% of the times. One the intensity of the physical energy in one’s body is consistent and there are no energy blocks, the training proceeds to the next level where the amount of energy channeling between the Chakras increases to a greater extent.   In level II of Reiki, a student receives three important symbols namely the Power Symbol, the Mental Symbol and the Distance Symbol. The Power symbol increases the power and amount of the energy to be channeled between Chakras. It gives the students the ability to open and close the energy connection while giving the healing to themselves or the others. The Power Symbol allows one to cleanse and purify places with their energy. It can be used as a protection around a person, a house or even objects like car, etc. The Mental Symbol allows one to work on mental and emotional levels of the person receiving the healing. It deals in particularly with anger, anxiety, fear, depression, sadness and relationship problems. It can also be used to help one get rid of bad habits like smoking, drinking and other drugs usage. The Distance Symbol enables a person to send healing energy over a distance. The one receiving the healing doesn’t need to be present physically for the session. He or she could anywhere in the world and they will be still be able to benefit from the healing energy of the practitioner. It can be timed according to your convenience and the healing session can be held at any time of the day. It is beneficial to help solve the issues from the past. Reiki Level III The third level of Reiki enables the students to channel the Universal energy, which is beyond their capabilities until the last levels. Each student receives the Usui Master Symbol, which brings their energy to the Spiritual level and helps them connect with their true self. It is also known as the Inner Master or Satguru level as it helps one realize the true master living inside each one of them, which can only be reached at the Spiritual level. This is where they learn that one is the master of their own destinity and nothing defines them but the true knowledge inside them. This is the level which involves self-realization as it is important to understand yourself first before you help others understand the true meaning of the Universe.

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