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Online Breathing Meditation Techniques Course For Beginners

Online Breathing Meditation Techniques Course For Beginners

  Learn How to increase feelings of self-acceptance, forgiveness, compassion and decreases worry anxiety, impulsivity stress, fear, loneliness & depression. This book will teach you exactly  
  • How & why to Meditate?
  • Reasons why you should meditate?
  • The First Thing Is To Know What Meditation Is?
  • How to Make your goal, intention, and objective clear what you want to achieve from meditation?
  • The history of meditation?
  • The difference between meditation and concentration?
  • The difference between active and passive meditation?
  • How to choose the right meditation practice for you?
  • What are benefits of meditation for the body and mind?
  • How meditation & healing works?
  • What are Common obstacles to meditation and who you can overcome it?
  • How can you prepare yourself for meditation?
  • Learn and understand how can you to practice meditation in daily life?
  • What Is Prana (Breathe)?
  • What Is Ida and Pingala Nadi, and Sushumna Nadi?
  • What are seven chakra and bodies?
  • Why should you understand and learn about chakra healing therapy?
  • Find out which chakra in open or closed and how to heal chakras?
  • What is Mantras?
  • How to practice simple common sitting Asanas?
  And much more…   Discover your answers inside the pages of this book. Wake up your inner master a healer - Take Action Right Away - start to heal, cure and transform your life   Find an Ideal Place to Meditate: The place for meditation is very important as long as the benefits achieved from the practice highly depend on the place where one meditates. Since the objective of Tantra practice is to calm down the mind & relax the body, the place chosen for meditation shall always be quite and calm with flow of natural and fresh air. If you choose a room, then choose the one with maximum silence and with a good ventilation of fresh air. You may also burn an incense stick in the room to fill the air with a good fragrance. For meditations you should try to use the same place every day. Room must have a moderate lighting and normal temperature. It is advisable to fill the room with nice lamps, flowers or images of favorite deities (god & goddesses) or spiritual symbols.   Being Sincere with the Meditation Practice: Sincerity is important with any practice in yoga or meditation. Sincerity and commitment are essential to get spiritual benefits from these Tantra practices as well as to get control over the mind. One has to do the practice patiently so that the benefits are experienced and achieved gradually. Dedication starts with punctuality of practices with the wholehearted involvement by considering Tantra as a part of everyday life. There should not be any regret if some day is missed, just resume and continue with the same pace as a beginner. Try to follow the instructions with sincerity.   Mark Your Goal, Intention and Objective Clear For any action in the life, there has to be a goal or an aim. Same way in the beginning of meditation always set a goal (e.g. - “I will do that particular meditation technique for this many days to release certain emotion”). Any spiritual practice is always oriented with clear goals and objectives. Practice of meditation is also the same because they influence your mental and physical wellbeing.

Special Instructions You Must Read Before Starting Meditation Practice

  • The most suitable time for practicing meditation is early in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Since many of this Psychic Tantra Breathing are based on breathing, purification or cleansing of the nostrils is highly recommended.
  • It is also advisable to warm up the body before the practice and relax the body after the practice.
  • The place for practicing meditation must be calm, quiet, and pleasant. It should be free of pollution, with good ventilation and free flow of air.
  • For Psychic Tantra Breathing related to breathing it is necessary to sit with a straight spine.
  • Psychic Tantra Breathing should not be practiced by people that have either high or low blood pressure, cardiac problems, epilepsy, or deep rooted traumatic.
  • Children below the age of 16 are also advised not to practice this meditation techniques from this book.
  • If one’s chest is congested or breath is rushed it is not advised to practice these tantric breathing techniques mentioned in this book.
  • Loose and comfortable clothing is essential while practicing meditation.
  • It is suggested to wear cotton clothing as it helps to a greater extent to sit for a longer duration.
  • Breathing meditation techniques are not recommended for practice if one is not well or during the period of pregnancy.
  • During the meditation practice your eyes shall be closed.
  • While performing the sitting Asanas there should be no stress in the neck, face, muscles, shoulders, arms, thighs, etc.
  • The directions shall be followed without changing the order of stages or postures mentioned in meditation techniques mentioned in this book.
  • Timing shall also be maintained. If you wish you can reduce the time duration for some Breathing meditation techniques base on your capacity.
  • Whatever meditation technique you have chosen try to do it regularly every day at least for a week, if possible without changing the timing.
  • Doing meditation practice at the same time and place can benefit you to go deeper into your meditation practice. It also shows your commitment to transform your life.
  • Drinking and smoking are strictly not recommended in the day of meditation practice.
  • Breathing & mantra based meditation techniques have tendency to bring repressed unwanted emotions and past behavior patterns out (e.g. if anger was not expressed, it can come out. Then you might feel angry for certain moments in a day as anger is releasing. Once anger is released you will feel happiness and the body will become free and light).
  • During the day after practicing some Breathing & mantra based meditation techniques you might become very sensitive and minor thing can trigger you. Just remember that you are still in the process and try to avoid any stressful situations.
  • For beginners it is not recommended to practice more than four meditation techniques in one day.

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